We have been living sustainability since 2007

We see sustainability built on several pillars!

Not only ecologically, but also our obligation to do something for the general public and to strengthen regional value creation in the region.


  • Our photovoltaic system produces 50% of the total electricity consumption, which corresponds to the consumption of 17 single-family homes
  • Hot water and heating is obtained via geothermal energy
  • Façade local untreated wood
  • Material selection Attention to "grey energy"
  • Domestic electricity supplier produces 100% from hydropower
  • Firewood from our own forest
  • Water supply via our own well water cooperative and via the municipality of Innerbraz
  • Cleaning and toiletries as well as copy paper with EU-ECO label
  • FREE use of buses and trains throughout Vorarlberg for our guests with the Klostertal-Bludenz-Brandnertal Guest Card

Social - Societal

  • Our employees all come from the region
  • We pay our employees well above the legal minimum standard
  • All employees have a all-year position
  • Approximately 80% of the employees are women
  • Accessibility at the campsite
  • Sponsorship of local clubs

As chairman of the Braz Tourism Association, we are also involved in public life. The Braz Tourist Office looks after all hiking trails - summer and winter - about 90 benches, cross-country ski trails and also the Braz alpine outdoor pool. We have equipped this with photovoltaics and air-water pumps since 2022 and can rightly be proud that we have created the 1st zero-energy pool in Vorarlberg.


  • Our suppliers come from the Bludenz and Klostertal region, such as the Albrecht bread workshop in Klösterle or "Die Kleine Farm" in Langen am Arlberg
  • The craftsmen are from the valley
  • We produce various schnapps from our own orchard

As team leader of Klostertal-Tourismus and board member of the Alpenregion Bludenz, we are committed to representing and strengthening the interests of the region.

Floating energy with Feng Shui

For a perfect floating energy we have started working together with the energy coach Alexander Bendel. Now being able to provide perfect possibilities for a perfect holiday. The significant higher frequence and the energy, well being – success field created through him are supporting now all visitors and working people. You can feel the vitalisation and energetic upgrate of all biological systems.

Here with us you get this little EXTRA. A bonus in well feeling. A bonus of romantic. A bonus of hospitality.

PUREST romantic in our old traditional restaurant – or a glass of champagne while having breakfast in the garden with sunshine.

We do believe in a positive together. As a garanty we do have the WELL FEELING & success feng shui for satisfaction, health, good circumstances, success, happiness and peace for everybody going in and out.