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Bearland on the Sonnenkopf

Here you'll find it all. Starting from the alps flowers park, hunt and poacher paths as well as barefoot ways. Your kids will enjoy it. An attractive childrens programm with carving, rafting, waterwipe, gorilla slide and diffrents of water plays. About 35 attractions you'll find on the bearland. In the meantime the adults can have a look how to make schnapps or just take place and relax in one of the panorama chairs.

Starting to get up with the bear gondola is very exciting for the kids because all 35 attractions are waiting to get discovered. From the bear playground to the small lake with floats. To get in touch with the magic bear or just a fast trac with the bear gondola. The childrens just enjoy the bearland.

The great water games are especially fun and it's quite fun on the bear playground. On the Bärensee, the brave can practice riding in a raft. With their eyes closed, the children caress the magic bear in the bear cave and so sometimes a wish comes true.

If you want to see the Bearland from above, you can fly through the air with the great Bear Express. Once silver was mined in the Sonnenkopf area. The children can also go on an adventurous treasure hunt in the amusement park. On a large field you can search for other small silver bears. Our Bear Land is one of the most popular nature amusement parks in Austria among the children.

More infos you'll find on the website of the Bearland am Sonnenkopf.