FREE travel insurance and NEW cancellation conditions due to COVID-19

Travel cancellation insurance:
In cooperation with the government of Vorarlberg and the Alpine region Bludenz, we offer a FREE travel cancellation insurance for all guest bookings for the winter season 2020-2021:

  • Insured event: COVID-19 infection or disease (notification) and/or legitimate suspicion of it; also for family members in the same household
  • Proof: cancellation bill of the accommodation and quarantine notice or positive COVID-19 test or medical certificate for COVID-19 disease complaints
    Here you'll find the detailed infos for the FREE travel cancellation insurance from the Allianz Travel Company.

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival,

  • if there is a travel warning from the home area for the destination area for the booking period or in case of uncertainty at the earliest 2 weeks before arrival if classification is considered a risk area.
  • if the Sonnenkopf or Arlberg ski area is closed by the authorities. If the ski area is closed during the stay, cancellation is possible from the following day.

These insurance and cancellation conditions do not apply to permanent campers.

In all other cases the general payment and cancellation conditions apply.

Our prevention & hygiene concept

The most beautiful days of the year will certainly be different this year than before. But that doesn't mean you have to give it up. Below you will find our most important measures, which are constantly adapted to the new laws and regulations.

Through these measures we protect you - dear guests - and our employees. Above all, it is important to have the individual responsibility of each individual. This allows us to create a positive co-leader.


General hygiene measures:

  • Surfaces, door handles, ... are cleaned and disinfected several times a day
  • All employees wear a mouthguard for your and your own safety.
  • We keep at least 1 meter distance from each other
  • Disinfection dispenser can be found at strategic points on site

Arrival and Departure:


  • On request, we offer you the possibility to do the check-in from home in a convenient and easy way.
  • When you arrive, we greet you warmly, but do not shake your hand or hug you.
  • Disinfected pens are available at reception.
  • Your keys will be disinfected before handover.

Check out:

  • As convenient and fast as check-in, we also arrange the check-out: You are happy to pay your bill the evening before your departure.
  • Possibility of contactless payment



  • You will continue to enjoy our delicious regional breakfast buffet. We have packaged most products such as butter, honey, jams, spreads, Nutella.
  • At the buffet we ask you to wear a mouthguard. All surfaces are of course thoroughly cleaned and continuously disinfected. This applies to the kitchen as well as to the entire buffet area and the breakfast room.
  • Disposable gloves are available at the buffet.
  • Each room or reservation has a fixed table in our breakfast room, which is allocated.
  • We do not use tablecloths but only placemats that are cleaned.

Your wellness area:

  • In the son and in the rest area, the minimum distance of 1 meter applies.
  • Infusions are allowed, but wagging with towels is not.
  • The wellness area is continuously supplied with fresh air via our ventilation system. The air flows through special filters in advance and is thus cleaned again.

Your rooms:

  • All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected according to the cleaning concept of the company Holluschek.
  • Our employees were trained on special hygiene measures.
  • Our housekeeping team thoroughly cleanse, ventilated and disinfected the rooms every day and after each departure.

Mouth & nose protection.:

Please wear your mouth and nose protection in the following areas:

  • In öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln und Taxis
  • In cable cars
  • In grocery stores
  • In bank and post offices
  • In pharmacies
  • In health areas such as doctors, hospitals...