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Sleeping rooms at the campsite building

mit oder ohne Bettwäsche buchbar
220 m² Wellnessbereich

You'll find the sleeping rooms on the upper floor of the camping building. So they are situated very quiet, because there are no people around in the evening.

We have two-, three- and fourbed rooms.

Sanitary equipement

All sanitary equipment you can use at the ground floor. So you can take your bathrobe to get directly in the shower area. All sanitary areas are seperated for women and men. Single shower and single washing cabines guarantee your ****standard.

Lounge for breakfast or breakfast buffet at the Landhaus

You can have breakfast in the common room (bread service) or you can book the breakfast buffet in the Landhaus (B & B). The common room also has hot and cold drinks vending machines, a refrigerator and a TV.