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A wonderful winter hiking path you'll find along our river Alfenz until to Bludenz. The ice in the river, centimeters long ice crystalls, painting pictures from snow, sculptures on the trees made of ice - this all you will find in this nature jewell. Futher winter paths you can do on the sunniest place in winter in Braz - at the Alma. The one who likes it more spectacular walk along the Gavar path, which also the hunters take in winter. There you come to the Alp of Gavar on 1.314 m. .

Wald am Arlberg - Sonnenkopf

You take the Sonnenkopf gondola up to 1,840 m. From there, one of the most beautiful high alpine hikes to the Mutjöchle goes to 2,014 m. This is more than a picture panorama. Just stunning.

Lech am Arlberg

From the centre of Lech am Arlberg you can walk along the river of Lech to Zug am Arlberg. The panorama is wonderful. Each time you go along, you see something diffrent. It's never the same.

With the gondola you can also go up to Oberlech and from their you find a varity of winter paths.


Bludenz - Muttersberg

The gondola of Muttersberg takes you up to the sun shining plateua of Bludenz on 1.400 m. There you have a breathing view to the Brandtnertal and in the valley of Montafon. From the Muttersberg you have also lots of possibilities to make different winter walks.