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Ihr ****Wohlfühlcamping

FREE travel insurance and NEW cancellation conditions due to COVID-19 for tourist campers:

Travel cancellation insurance:
In cooperation with the government of Vorarlberg and the Alpine region Bludenz, we offer a FREE travel cancellation insurance for all guest bookings until 31.10.2021:

  • Insured event: COVID-19 infection or disease (notification) and/or legitimate suspicion of it; also for family members in the same household
  • Proof: cancellation bill of the accommodation and quarantine notice or positive COVID-19 test or medical certificate for COVID-19 disease complaints

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival,

  • if there is a travel warning from the home area for the destination area for the booking period
  • We grant you a free cancellation if the legal provisions provide for a prescribed quarantine upon entry to Austria or return to your home country, which cannot be circumvented by a negative Covid-19 test recognised by the authorities. In this case, a free cancellation is valid at the earliest 2 weeks until 24 hours before arrival.

In all other cases the general payment and cancellation conditions apply, which can be found below.

Reservations are only considered to be firm reservations once a deposit according to the confirmation has been received. You could send down payment by giving your credit card number and expiry date as we do not wish to incur any charges on bank transfers. OR Would you still prefer to transfer your deposit through remittance our bank details are as follows: Hypobank Bludenz, IBAN: AT925800013367662012, BIC: HYPVAT2, Landhaus Walch

Once a reservation has been made (accommodation contract) the Specialist Association of the Hotel Trade's General terms and conditions for the hotel industry (AGBH 2014) come into force.

Tourist camper:

If you don't arrive or check out earlier then you have to pay the whole reserveration period, except you have booked a holiday cancellation insurance . Cancellation costs are as follow: 3 months before arrival date you pay the amount of your  deopist As a processing fee. 1 month before arrival = 50 %, 14 days are 75 % and 1 week before is 90 %. Within 1 week you pay the whole amount of the reservation period.

For permanent campers:

Winter pitch: The deposit is also considered as a handling fee. In case of cancellation from 1st June, the entire pitch will be charged.

Summer pitch: The deposit is also considered a handling fee. In case of cancellation from 1st March, the entire pitch will be charged.

Annual pitch: The annual pitch is booked in spring for summer and winter. The cancellation conditions of the summer & winter parking space apply.

We accept payment in all major foreign currencies, Visa, Mastercard and Austrian, German, Swiss and Dutch atm bank cards. For MasterCard and Visa business Cards we charge a surcharge of 3%! Private credit cards are not charged. For reservations of less than five days we charge a short-stay supplement per person/day. At the camping area pets are allowed but they have to be on a line. There is no entry in the camping building.

All info and prices are subject to alteration. No liability is accepted for any changes, mistakes and typing errors!

Holiday cancellation insurance

In order to ensure that you do not lose any money if you are forced to cancel your holiday we offer a holiday cancellation and early departure insurance package AT A REASONABLE RATE. If you are unable to travel due to illness, an accident, death, significant damage to property, life-threatening illness of a relative and/or loss of one's job through no fault of one's own you will incure no costs. Your deposit will also be returned minus the insurance fee to you. We will charge you EUR 50.00 per pitch to insure you for your whole stay with us.

And how is this done? Simply notify on the reservation that you take the insurance package.

Regulations of behaviour

Dear Camper
WELCOME all of you,

Braz, in January 2014

Your Family Walch welcomes you on the new well feeling camping.


The whole camping area was building onder the option of Feng Shui and therefore we guarantee an excellent energy floating surrounding.

We wish you a relaxed time on the camping area

Yours family Walch

  • The camping area is open from 07.00 – 20.30.
  • We kindly ask you to fill out the registration form by your arrival.
  • We seddle your bill with the amount of nights and persons according to the pricelist. Latest departure is 11.00 o'clock. If you leave after 11.00 we have to settle one night more. Arrivaltime is between 14.00 - 20.30.
  • 12.00 – 14.00 Uhr is siesta and from 22.00 – 07.00 is sleep. During the time it is not allowed to drive in with your car
    Your car has to be on the parking area while your are on the camping.
  • The caravan or mobile as well as the tent has to be in an excellent technical condition and has also to look like this. Furtheron all hygienic necessaries have to be. In case of odour or smell around your campsite you have to leave the camping area immediately.
  • The open hours from our 220 m² wellness area you'll find on the info in the ground floor. Children until 13 years are not allowed to enter the area. The wellness area is a calmness and non cloth area. Before your start with all the equipments you have to shower. Entering with your street shoes only until to the change.
  • Radio, TV etc. is only allowed so that your neighbours haven't to hear all of it.
  • Please do the washing and dishes only on it's equipements.
  • Waste seperation is an important article to the environment. Please drop in your waste on the diffrent litters you'll find on the recycling station. The station is daily open from 08.00 - 18.00. Please notice that not any waste from at home can put in. The station is video secured.
  • Please make no holes and diggings along your tents.
  • The orders of the Vorarlberg camping laws have to be respected.
  • Dogs have to be on line in Braz and on the campsite. The dogs are not allowed to enter the camping building. The doppings have to put in bags.
  • For all lost objects we take no accountability.
  • In the camping building is calmness from 22.00 – 07.00.
  • All damages has to be paid in advance.

In abuse of the regulations you have to leave the campsite.

Dear camper, the regulations are not any harrasments. They are for your own safety and that you feel well on our campsite.